Raglan Botanicals - Beauty Balm


Raglan Botanicals - Beauty Balm

This facial balm is made with rich oils to help you to revive and nourish dull or tired looking skin. The balm have vitamin and antioxidant-rich from Rosehip Oil, regenerating the skin and improving it’s tone.

*Best stored in a cool dark area or in the refrigerator as it can melt in direct sun or heater.

Fabi from Raglan Botanicals:
Knowing the therapeutic benefits of Essential Oils I have created my own skincare products. What a gift! It was not only a satisfying experience to make my own products but it gave me the freedom to be creative with essential oils, carrier oils, waxes and butters. I understand that what I put on my skin is absorbed in my body. I have made a conscious choice to use skin-friendly, skin-safe products and mostly organic.

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