Raglan Botanicals - Salt Bath (Relaxing Blend)

Raglan Botanicals


Raglan Botanicals - Salt Bath (Relaxing Blend)

These salts make any bath a blissful and rejuvenating treatment for your mind and body. With a combination of salts and essential oils to relax and soothe your skin and muscles.

The essential oil blend created in this product promote relaxation, easy muscle tension and set you up for a restful night sleep.

Add half cup of Detox Bath Salts to a warm bath and enjoy.

Fabi from Raglan Botanicals:
Knowing the therapeutic benefits of Essential Oils I have created my own skincare products. What a gift! It was not only a satisfying experience to make my own products but it gave me the freedom to be creative with essential oils, carrier oils, waxes and butters. I understand that what I put on my skin is absorbed in my body. I have made a conscious choice to use skin-friendly, skin-safe products and mostly organic.

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