Raglan Botanicals - Purple Clay Mask​

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Raglan Botanicals - Purple Clay Mask

The beneficial properties of Purple Brazilian Clay make this an excellent option for those who wish to prevent aging skin that tends to become overly dry with appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Also can prevent your skin from absorbing environmental contaminants and impurities. The beautiful purple colour of this clay is due to high levels of magnesium that helps ensure healthy skin cells, which can make you look younger.

Mix 1-2 teaspoon of clay powder with a small amount of water. Leave on skin for about 5 minutes. Remove with warm water.

Fabi from Raglan Botanicals:
Knowing the therapeutic benefits of Essential Oils I have created my own skincare products. What a gift! It was not only a satisfying experience to make my own products but it gave me the freedom to be creative with essential oils, carrier oils, waxes and butters. I understand that what I put on my skin is absorbed in my body. I have made a conscious choice to use skin-friendly, skin-safe products and mostly organic.

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