Zay Bag - SOL (Small)

Zay Bag


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Zay Bags - SOL (Small)

Our stockist for Zay Bags is Nicola from Raglan. 

Zay. Socially conscious bags, with a heart for the earth and the families of Myanmar.

'The most important thing for Zay is to create a business that brings good in the world to all the people we work with - from the weavers to the truck drivers  and on to the customers who will enjoy and use their beautiful Myanmar bag every day. A bag that has been on a massive journey connecting Myanmar to New Zealand, and reducing the impact of single use plastic bags in our environment.'

Please Note - Zay Bags may be filled with goodies from our website, in place of a hamper if you wish.  Just select your bag of choice, along with other individual products and we will take care of the rest..

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