Mini Dried Flower Bouquet

Crop Flower Farm



Add a little colour to your basket with a beautiful, seasonal dried flower bouquet, made up of a gorgeous combination of colours and textures. Each bouquet is made as it’s ordered, so colours and flowers will vary depending on what’s in season. Have a look at the photos for example bouquets per size. These beautiful bouquets are classed as a ‘mini size’…the perfect addition to your hamper.

CROP is a boutique flower farm nestled into the sunny hills overlooking Raglan. The family farm focuses on long lasting blooms and unusual cut flower varieties. “Each new bouquet is like carefully crafting a mini world,” says owner Nicky.  “The possibilities and colour combinations are endless and it’s a wonderfully mindful act to partake in. Thanks so much for choosing us.”

Please Note: These photos show examples of the smaller bouquet sizes. 

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