PB23 - Peanut Butter



PB23 - Peanut Butter 420g

Behind the creators of Raglan’s very first peanut butter enterprise you will find Enfys and Alaia Hewitt.  The sisters are nuts about their delicious product and say the best part of the business is sharing their PB23 journey with local peanut butter lovers"

Hello, my name is Alaia Hewett, I´m 9 years old. I work alongside big sister Enfys, together we make PB23 peanut butter with a little help from our dad. 

We have a special machine that grinds the nuts into the most fabulous peanut butter; I love watching the nuts turn into a  smooth creamy consistency we call PB23.

The first time we sold peanut butter was on my 8th birthday, at the Raglan Market. We also make delicious almond butter. 

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